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New Music You’ll Hear at Imagine Fest 2019

JuJu Beats  JuJu (Julian) is a rising bass producer and DJ from Atlanta. The first time I heard of him was last year at Imagine, and being the friendly man he is, I got to hang out with him and dive into how he got where he is. He said the main thing that kicked him into gear was his son and the love he has for him. If you need some wonky, deep bass in your life JuJu Beats is perfect for you. If you don’t believe me, check out his track with Xenotype - “Sherry Sherbs”: https://soundcloud.com/jujubeatz/juju-beats-x-xenotype-sherry-sherbs 

Aeria Stage: Imagine Festival 2019

 The Aeria Stage is where a mixture all the classic sounds of electronic music. From heavy dubstep to drum n bass to all ranges of house and techno music. This will be the place to get your taste of the core sounds of this community. Featuring,  BT, Darude, AK1200 & Reid Speed, Laser Assassins, and many more, our Aeria Stage Spotify playlist will get you prepared for what’s to come. 

Aeria Stage: 5 Acts You Can’t Miss

  Darude Darude has been making music since 1995 and released the platinum-selling hit single "Sandstorm" in late 1999. His debut studio album, Before the Storm, was released in September 2000, earning Darude multiple music awards that certified his genius. In 2011, he co-founded the record label EnMass Music, following through with his dream of making a lasting impact in this community. There is much that can be said about this legendary DJ and producer, but you’ll just have to go see what all the hype is about.

Techyes Stage: Imagine Festival 2019

  Techyes is THE stage for modern and old-school tech-house. Featuring acts such as Amine Edge & Dance, Dr Boom, Franklyn Watts, Hunter Reid, Mark Starr, and so many more. If you need to let loose and jump around to some uplifting, melodic, and drum heavy music, this will be your safe haven. And if you need a little preview, or just want to jam out to everyone performing on this stage, check out our Techyes stage Spotify playlist.

Techyes Stage: 5 Acts You Can’t Miss

  Amine Edge & Dance Hailing from Southern France, Amine Edge & DANCE have taken the dance world by storm with their ground-breaking sound and high energy shows. Mining the musical spectrum and taking inspiration from early House, Philli Funk, 80's Hip-House and everything in between, Amine Edge & DANCE bring their own cross-genre blend of Tech and House to clubs and festivals across the globe. Having enjoyed a meteoric rise, the CUFF label bosses have now cemented themselves as the leaders of their genre and the go-to guys for the best dressed parties in town!

Disco Inferno Stage: Imagine Festival 2019

The Disco Inferno stage is one of my favorite spots at Imagine. From stage performers spinning fire to insane stage pyrotechnics, the name will not disappoint. Imagine usually makes the first day or two for heavy and weird bass and the last two for house and techno. Featuring Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird Players Takeover, Space Jesus (my favorite), Rusko, Nora en Pure, Boogie T, and two insanely filthy and flat out raunchy back to back sessions from Gravegang and Sullivan King, Kai Wachi, and Kompany, our Spotify playlist below will get you as prepared as you can be for the Disco Inferno stage at Imagine Festival 2019.

30 Songs You'll Hear at Amazonia Stage

If you want to find me at a stage this year, this is where I’ll be. Tipper, Jade Cicada, G Jones, Thriftworks, and so many more of some of my favorite electronic music to date all in one place: the Amazonia stage. There is so much experimental and beautiful music from well known and upcoming artists on this stage, and I am negging you to check them out. Seriously, the playlist is supposed to only be 30 songs, but I couldn’t help myself. So, listen to this Spotify playlist to get a little taste, and check out the previous article for the 5 acts you can’t miss on the Amazonia stage at Imagine Fest 2019.

30 Songs You'll Hear at the Oceana Stage

Oceana is the main stage at Imagine Music Festival 2019 featuring headlining acts Diplo, Zeds Dead, Marshmello, and plenty more. There will be exotic dancers, lazers, fire, massive visual screens, and more bass than you could possibly imagine (haha get it?). Listen to our playlist below for 30 songs that you will definitely hear at the Oceana stage this year!

5 Acts You Can’t Miss on the Oceana Stage

Seven Lions Seven Lions is a staple in the electronic music community. Creating some of the most beautiful music ever created, while also being able to take you on a journey through multiple other genres. His music, visuals, and energy will truly make you feel like you are at home in this world