Chasing Happiness Review

Hudson Honeywell reviews Chasing Happiness, a documentary that follows the Jonas Brothers from before they began to the height of their fame, and then from their breakup to their rebirth. 

Concert Review: Liz Brasher

 On January 16, the sacred and the profane were on display when Liz Brasher visited Standard Deluxe in Waverly, Ala. It was the first time the Memphis soul singer had returned to the funky printer and music venue since last spring’s 280 Boogie music festival. 

Poster for Just Mercy
From Just Mercy: Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton
                                Released by Warner Bros. Pictures

A Legacy of Hope: Just Mercy Review

Just Mercy is the latest movie from director Destin Daniel Cretton and tells the story of Walter McMillian's (played by Jamie Foxx) journey for freedom from the help of Bryan Stevenson (played by Michael B. Jordan).

Scofield looking on in trench. From 1917, released by Universal Studios

A race against time - Review for 1917

          Skyfall director Sam Mendes joins forces with legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins to bring one of the most revolutionary films in years to the big screen. While the premise of a war movie based around two soldiers delivering a message does not sound like a hit, this movie brings a lot more to the table. Mendes decided that the movie would benefit if the viewer could go with the two soldiers, Lance Corporals Schofield and Blake in real time to deliver their message. So the idea for a movie that looks like one long take was born. A period accurate World War I movie filmed to look like one continuous shot, once I heard this I was immediately on board.

WEGL's Top Albums

 Now that 2019 has ended we can look back and see the albums that made this year special. Here are some of WEGL’s top 3 albums and why they are so special 

November 20th New Music Hour

  Curated by WEGL's own Mary Francis Garner and Katie Gorman, the new music hour is your way to catch up on whats been happening these past few weeks. Listen to the playlist and be sure to read the artist bios to learn more about who is featured this week.  

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