30 Songs You'll Hear at Amazonia Stage

If you want to find me at a stage this year, this is where I’ll be. Tipper, Jade Cicada, G Jones, Thriftworks, and so many more of some of my favorite electronic music to date all in one place: the Amazonia stage. There is so much experimental and beautiful music from well known and upcoming artists on this stage, and I am negging you to check them out. Seriously, the playlist is supposed to only be 30 songs, but I couldn’t help myself. So, listen to this Spotify playlist to get a little taste, and check out the previous article for the 5 acts you can’t miss on the Amazonia stage at Imagine Fest 2019.

Spotify Playlist:


Written by: William Davis

Today's Lineup

12-5am Indie
5-8am Country
8am-2pm Classic
2-3pm New Music Hour
3-4pm Pop
4-5pm Black Tuesday
5-6pm MalFunktion Junction
6-7pm Pop
7-8pm Beyond The Mainstream
8-9pm Daniel Lane