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New Music You’ll Hear at Imagine Fest 2019

New Music You’ll Hear at Imagine Fest 2019

JuJu Beats 

JuJu (Julian) is a rising bass producer and DJ from Atlanta. The first time I heard of him was last year at Imagine, and being the friendly man he is, I got to hang out with him and dive into how he got where he is. He said the main thing that kicked him into gear was his son and the love he has for him. If you need some wonky, deep bass in your life JuJu Beats is perfect for you.

If you don’t believe me, check out his track with Xenotype - “Sherry Sherbs”: 

Detox Unit

I swear Detox Unit is from another dimension. His celestial and otherworldly beats will take you to a reality you’ve never been to before in the best possible way. Full of minor details and juicy bass lines. Detox Unit is one you need to look out for.

This is his latest “Deviate” EP: 


Another ATL native, Scales (Hector) will surround you with bass. So much energy in all of his music with a grimey ATL aftertaste. Whenever I see this man on a lineup I automatically perk up to see what he’s got for me this time. He and I opened up for Flux Pavillion together and he played about 2 hours worth of original music. DO NOT sleep on this man.

His “Without Me” remix will get you feeling just right: 

Jade CIcada

Jade Cicada makes me feel like I’m stuck in a 90’s video game: full of joy and mystery. He keeps you moving with his funkiness while being able to gently set you down and take you wherever he desires. Fluid, yet solid, his music will do things to you that you never expected where even possible.

Here’s a little taste for you: 


Kozmic takes that space bass to another level. So much movement and fullness in his music makes you feel so powerful and able to conquer anything. Somehow combining rough yet smooth basses into this robotic monstrosity, Kozmic will get you that beautiful and dirtiness you need.

Let me know what you think of his collab with Scales - “Space Stuff”: 

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