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Senior Staff Spotlight: Music Director, Will Root

"War Damn Radio"

 Meet today’s Senior Staff Spotlight, Will Root.

Will has been WEGL FM’s Music Director since the beginning of 2021. Will is from Chelsea, Alabama. He chose Auburn University because he grew up as an Auburn fan and Auburn is ranked as one of the best engineering schools. He is graduating this spring with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. 

Read below to learn more about Will.

Why did you choose to join WEGL?

“I wanted to join a student radio because I thought Pitch Perfect was awesome” 

Will first learned about WEGL at Camp War Eagle. On his first day he was eager to join the organization.

What has your position as WEGL’s music director been like?

“My whole job is putting in the music. I redid the blocks: rap, rock, pop and put music in that I liked. I thought it was important to get people’s input. For all the new DJs I would get them to send songs and would listen and decide what I wanted to put. 

I wanted to put stuff in that no one has heard before. I wanted to make the station more imaginative, innovative, and exciting."

Tell me about your show “Why So Serious?”

“I started just wanting to play music I liked and just wanted to talk unscripted. Then my brother came to Auburn, and I had someone to talk to and it got off the rails. I don’t take it seriously, it’s all fun. We go in there and just have a good time and talk about whatever unscripted.” 

What is your favorite music artist/band and song?

“It changes all the time. My favorite band of all time is The Neighbourhood and Far Caspian. If we are going old school, I would say Jimi Hendrix” One of Will's all-time favorite songs is “Wiped Out” by The Neighbourhood.

What has been your favorite memory of being a part of WEGL?

“My favorite part has been talking to actual artists.” Will had the opportunity to host a band party where band Lakota played at his house.

He has also made a connection with Moscow music artist, Parks, Squares and Alleys “I dm’ed him in January after he released a song about police violence in Russia. I messaged him about his thoughts on Russia invading Ukraine to write an article and got to know him.”

What are some opportunities you have had through being apart of the station?

“Talking to people and having them take you seriously. When you DM an artist on Instagram and say, ‘Hey I am a part of a radio station', people take you seriously and respond.”

What has being in WEGL taught you?

“It’s taught me that everyone is super interesting, and you just have to take the time to get to know people. Before, when I was on campus, I just shut everything off and had my own circle of friends outside of school, but WEGL has shown me I can have good friends in school and not just outside of school”

Which Penguins of Madagascar penguin do you most relate to?

“Kowalski - I’m very analytical.”


Will can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes.

As he heads off to Nashville, TN to start a software development job after graduation, Will leaves WEGL fans with one message, “War Damn Radio”

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