Brooks Childress


The Xtra Point 10.16.18 Chaos in College Football and the NLCS Champion Brewers

  On this edition of The Xtra Point, Brooks Childress and Jared Dillard discuss the chaos that is surrounding college football. The guys breakdown how the ACC could end in a seven way tie for the Coastal division championship. Finally the guys preview the upcoming games in the MLB Postseason and declare that the Brewers are already the NLCS Champions

The Xtra Point | October 4th, 2018

On this edition of The Xtra Point, Jared Dillard and Brooks Childress discuss the MLB Postseason and give their predictions for the Division Series. The guys also preview this week 6 of college football with their picks of the biggest games. Finally the guys break down if the Colts vs. Patriots rivalry is actually a rivalry of two teams or was it just two players?

The New King of Cleveland?

 That’s right after coming in off the bench and leading the Browns to their first victory in two years some people want Baker Mayfield’s picture to replace Lebron’s on the wall facing the Q. This is by far one of the most ridiculous things that this sportscaster has ever heard.