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The Setonian

The Linguistics of Japanese Traffic Lights


I have a terrible backlog on my hands. There are at least 20 unread books on my shelves and twice that many on my bucket list (or there would be, if I faced my mortality and made one.) My film backlog is even worse. 


The Lone Bellow at John Emerald (2/18)

The Lone Bellow led the audience through a range of emotions throughout the night from bluegrass stomp to somber, serious melodies that showcased the band members clustered together around one microphone eliciting complete silence from the audience in a manner I’ve never experienced before in seeing live music.

Get to know Dr. Hepcat and his show The Golden Oldies

Here at WEGL 91.1 FM, our DJs are basically rock stars. They create on-air content our listeners know and love and make WEGL a must-listen. To show our appreciation for our awesome DJs, we’ve created a feature that will showcase a different DJ each week. 

The Manic of John Maus

Second only to this Post-Modern Analysis of Waluigi being the logical end-game of capitalism, the manic ramblings of musician John Maus are perhaps the strangest reads I’ve found online.

The Lie Within Callie - "Book of Hypocrisy" EP Review

Without a doubt, The Lie Within Callie's debut EP proves that frontwoman and primary songwriter Callie Wilson is no stranger to dulcet tones, rich songwriting, and (if the lyrics are any indication) young adult love in all its beauty and ugliness.

Infinite Worlds Album Review

Infinite Worlds is quite the fitting name for Laetitia Tamko’s debut album as Vagabon. It’s filled with many little wonders for the listener to discover, as Tamko uses her songwriting talents to carve out her own landscape in the world of indie rock.

Music Review: Darling Arithmetic

“How did I get here?/ Am I ever gonna get back?” asks Conor O’Brien, subtly addressing just how much he has risked—emotionally and professionally— with his new album, Darling Arithmetic, a significant and brave move for the artist to have made. What do you think?

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