Album Reviews

Honesty Shines: Skinny Dipping Album Review

 The Australian quartet, Stand Atlantic, crashed onto the scene in the third wave of pop-punk back in 2017 with their punchy single, “Coffee at Midnight”. After touring with contemporaries such as Waterparks and State Champs, Stand Atlantic entered the studio to record their first full length album.  

Photo Courtesy of Døves

Døves - Glass EP

 GothBoiClique’s most underappreciated rapper, Døves, shows why he deserves more spotlight in his newest EP, Glass.  

The Stories We Tell Ourselves by Nothing More

When the 2018 Grammy nominations came out and I saw that Nothing More had three nominations, I thought perhaps I should give a full dive into the album and see if there was anything I was missing. And, oh my God, I was missing a lot.

The Wedding Present - George Best

George Best was, and still is, the best album to come out of the C86 scene and all its Smiths worship. But that’s still all it is, Smiths worship, or at least an attempt to catch the scene which the Smiths inspired.

The Manic of John Maus

Second only to this Post-Modern Analysis of Waluigi being the logical end-game of capitalism, the manic ramblings of musician John Maus are perhaps the strangest reads I’ve found online.

The Lie Within Callie - "Book of Hypocrisy" EP Review

Without a doubt, The Lie Within Callie's debut EP proves that frontwoman and primary songwriter Callie Wilson is no stranger to dulcet tones, rich songwriting, and (if the lyrics are any indication) young adult love in all its beauty and ugliness.

Infinite Worlds Album Review

Infinite Worlds is quite the fitting name for Laetitia Tamko’s debut album as Vagabon. It’s filled with many little wonders for the listener to discover, as Tamko uses her songwriting talents to carve out her own landscape in the world of indie rock.

Music Review: Darling Arithmetic

“How did I get here?/ Am I ever gonna get back?” asks Conor O’Brien, subtly addressing just how much he has risked—emotionally and professionally— with his new album, Darling Arithmetic, a significant and brave move for the artist to have made. What do you think?

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