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WEGL's Weekly Picks: Oct 25 - Nov 1

Diles que no me maten - Obrigaggi

Diles que no me maten are a Mexican band consisting of what I believe to be six members. Given that I knew absolutely nothing about these guys and the Mexico City underground rock scene prior to this past Friday, I unfortunately don't have much to offer in the way of backstory on these guys. What I can say is this: Obrigaggi is unlike any album I have ever heard. Perfectly sparse yet far from empty, beautifully atmospheric at times while totally haunting at others, and completely entrancing start to finish, it is certainly one of the more interesting releases I have heard in a long time. According to the band's bandcamp page, they claim to have made this album in the Mexican jungle on the bank of a river after a long walk through the northern Mexican wilderness. Whatever place they found to compose these eight breathtaking songs is one that they should certainly consider returning to if it gave them the creative direction to make an album like this. Certainly, the band themselves are unbelievably talented instrumentalists, and their unique crop of influences from Boards of Canada to Alice Coltrane to King Krule gives their one-of-a-kind approach to post-rock and slowcore a fullness and flare that contemporaries in the genre can only hope to achieve. I have been journeying through their past releases since I first heard Obrigaggi and I simply can't get enough of these guys. This is certainly among my favorites for the year, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for any listeners out there looking for something truly unique.

Favorite Tracks: "El Circo" ; "1/2 Día" ; "La Forma del Esqueleto"

TR!CK D!CE - ₩hale Action

TR!CK D!CE is a collaborative mixtape created by members of the Auburn DIY scene from past and present. The album features artists such as Walter Lloyd, Bruh Collective, Hunter Price, The Pharmacist, Pondylus, and more. Brought together under the creative vision of producer Wax Villain, each song shows the unique talent of the scene. The album is a lot of fun. Certain tracks are taken seriously like "Dragonhand" and "Wroxeter." Other songs are a mixture of great beats/instrumentals with comedy premises like "Inbox" and "DOODLEBOB MAKES AN APPERANCE." The latter song is created by Wax Villain himself and features Quasimodo like vocals. The instrumentals on this album are really the standouts. They're an eclectic mix of digital and analog instrumentals created by many of the most talented musicians in Auburn. If you're going into this album looking for a cohesive vision, this is not the album for you. But if you're looking for a small taste of what the Auburn scene has to offer, then this is a great start. The album is currently only streaming on Bandcamp with a plan to debut on Spotify in a few weeks.

Favorite Tracks: "Wroxeter" ; "Inbox" ; "Whalefall" ; "CRAWL"

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