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WEGL's Weekly Picks: Nov 15-29

Destroy Boys - Shadow (I'm Breaking Down) 

The Destroy Boys, an alternative punk rock group, released their single, "Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)," on November 20th. Alongside this song, the group released a sped up and a slowed version allowing two completely new vibes. The sped-up version's drums and background music sounds like most of the group's other songs but the vocals have obviously been played with. Whereas the slowed version sounds a little more dad rockish with the background instruments having a little extra space in between each note. The vocals in the slowed version have once again been played with and ultimately the vibe seems to have completely switched up from the original. Out of the three, I would have to say that my favorite would be the original. Although this single doesn’t sound as high-energy as some of their other songs, they are still able to incorporate their raw sound with their honest and unapologetic lyrics. Alexia Roditis, the lead vocalist and guitarist, explains how ‘Shadow’ is about confronting the parts of yourself that you dislike, or do like but might be toxic. Alexia added in a Spanish section to the song which is said to detail some personal thoughts. I was surprised when I first heard this section of the song but overall, I think it fits in nicely and only makes the song that much better, adding in its own unique twists. Currently, the group is still on their tour but seeing as Shadow was dropped as a follow up to the group’s last release in April, ‘Beg For Torture’, we will be seeing more releases and maybe even a full album drop.  

- Mallie Altmann 

2 0 2 1 - like a paper plane 

Few artists have put out as much music this year as 2 0 2 1, who also releases under the artist name what is your name? (WIYN). In a brief casual interview I did with WIYN over the summer discussing their February release beyond old names, everyone's songs., the artist claimed their friends call them "Jeb" though it is not their official name. Whereas Jeb's music under WIYN is more rock oriented, using sounds standard to genres such as midwest emo, noise pop, and slowcore, while creatively leaning into their affinity for electronic music. 2 0 2 1 sees Jeb go full force into these electronic genres such as breakbeat, jungle, and IDM, upping the ante on sampling and quick tempos while still maintaining their trademark shoegaze-esque fullness and guitar-centric melodies. like a paper plane is likely 2 0 2 1's best and most well produced project to date in that it encompasses all the beautiful and familiar aspects of their sound while leaving plenty of room to display their growth and impressive musicianship. like a paper plane is an album from the future. I think it's come back to show us a way forward in a number of genres that feel oversaturated and underappreciated, all the while being an absolutely joyous listen with climaxes and crescendos evoking feelings of anemoia. It's not often you see an artist in the spheres of indie and alternative (other than King Gizz or Guided by Voices) that is able to put out this much music in one year without a severe drop in quality. Jeb has achieved this, and just as I said about beyond old names, everyone's songs., like a paper plane will certainly be in contention for album of the year. 

Favorite Tracks: "launch" ; "underside" ; "lovestory" 

- Will Lewis

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