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This week's staff spotlight goes to WEGL's own Dylan Basden! Happy Birthday Dylan!

This week’s staff spotlight goes to WEGL’s own Dylan Basden! Dylan is currently studying Business Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Family Business. He has been with WEGL for three years, going on four, as a concert photographer and live events director. Dylan also currently directs all of WEGL’s Concerts on Campus events. 

Meet Dylan!

What’s your dream artist/band to photograph? 

“Elton John…that’s what I’m trying to do this year; it would be crazy to shoot.”

What artists and/or albums would you recommend?

Artists: Happy Landing, Hotel Fiction, and The Brummies. 

Albums: Soft Focus by Hotel Fiction, Happy Landing’s self-titled EP, The Alien Coast by St. Paul and The Broken Bones, and Sunflower by Briston Maroney. 

If there was an artist/band you could see live in concert, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Dead: “It’s going to sound generic, but I’d have to say The Beatles because I feel that would be like the coolest one to see if they somehow came back from the dead. Although I am going to see Paul McCartney in May, so technically seeing a quarter of them.” 

How did you first get into music and who/what is your greatest influence when it comes to music? 

“Up until I was 14, I hated music because I used to get really car sick and associated that with the radio…until I heard ‘Tear in My Heart’ by Twenty One Pilots – got me into music. After hearing a couple other similar bands, I started really liking music.” 

How long have you been a concert photographer?

“I kept going to concerts, taking pictures on my phone, and wished I could be like the people on the front row that would photograph the concerts, so then I just started doing it. I’ve been doing that since 2018 and that’s actually how I started in WEGL – wanting to do concert photos. The first concert I did was Mt. Joy.” 

What do you envision yourself doing in the future? 

“I’d like to either be a full-time concert photographer or be somewhere in the concert promotional or touring business.” 

What’s your favorite WEGL memory so far? 

“My favorite recent memory would be watching us whip up on Eagle Eye in basketball…that was a good one. And definitely Tiger Fest. Planning and doing Tiger Fest was my favorite WEGL memory.” 

What makes you stand out or makes you unique within WEGL? 

“It would be my charisma and charm…and of course my blue bucket hat – people tend to identify me by that.” 

Happy 21st Birthday Dylan!

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