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Jan 28, 2022; Auburn, AL, USA; Sunisa Lee on beam during the meet between Auburn and Alabama at Auburn Arena. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Shannon/AU Athletics
Jan 28, 2022; Auburn, AL, USA; Sunisa Lee on beam during the meet between Auburn and Alabama at Auburn Arena. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Shannon/AU Athletics

No. 7 Auburn victorious over No. 9 Missouri in Auburn Arena

The No. 7 Auburn Tigers hosted the No. 9 Missouri Tigers in Auburn Arena tonight. Auburn came into this meet off a tough loss to No. 5 LSU in Baton Rouge last Saturday. Missouri’s previous meet resulted in a loss to No. 4 Florida at home in Columbia last Friday night. 

In the first rotation, Auburn was on vault and Missouri was on bars. For Auburn, Tara Walsh earned a 9.775, Sophia Groth earned a 9.850, Suni Lee earned a 9.850, Sara Hubbard earned a 9.800, Drew Watson earned a 9.925, and Derrian Gobourne earned a 9.900. For Missouri, Amaya Marshall earned a 9.825, Sienna Schreiber earned a 9.850, Hollyn Patrick earned a 8.875, Jocelyn Moore earned a 9.700, Alisa Sheremeta earned a 9.875, Amari Celestine earned a 9.900. After the first rotation, Auburn led 49.325-49.150.

In the second rotation, Missouri was on vault and Auburn was on bars. For Missouri, Amaya Marshall recorded a 9.700, Sienna Schreiber recorded a 9.825, Jocelyn Moore recorded a 9.800, Amari Celestine recorded a 9.875, Sydney Schaffer recorded a 9.725, and Grace Anne Davis recorded a 9.650. For Auburn, Suni Lee recorded a 9.900, Drew Watson recorded a 9.800, Derrian Gobourne recorded a 9.850, Adeline Sabados recorded a 9.825, Cassie Stevens recorded a 9.850, and Piper Smith recorded a 9.125. After the second rotation, Missouri was leading 99.075-98.55.

In the third rotation, Auburn was on the beam and Missouri was on floor. For Auburn, Sophia Groth got a 9.900, Suni Lee got a 9.900, Cassie Stevens got a 9.950, Piper Smith got a 9.900, Olivia Hollingsworth got a 9.775, Gabby McLaughlin got a 9.975. For Missouri, Sienna Schreiber got a 9.725, Jocelyn Moore got a 9.900, Alisa Sheremeta got a 9.875, Amari Celestine got a 9.900, Kyra Burns got a 9.775, and Hannah McCrary got a 9.725. After the third rotation, Auburn was leading Missouri 148.175-147.250.

In the fourth rotation, Missouri was on beam and Auburn was on floor. Amaya Marshall received a 8.550, Sienna Schreiber received a 9.875, Alisa Sheremeta received a 9.825, Sydney Schaffer received a 9.750, Victoria Gatzendorfer received a 9.825, Helen Hu received a 9.750. For Auburn, Sophia Groth received a 9.925, Suni Lee 9.925, Drew Watson received a 9.850, Derrian Gobourne received a 9.875, Cassie Stevens received a 9.825, and Ananda Brown received a 9.900. With all four rotations completed, Auburn was able to get the win 197.575-196.275.

After the meet, head coach Jeff Graba was asked about his team’s overall performance. He said, "Pretty happy with the fight tonight, Getting a little frustrated with leaving things out there. Overall, I'm very happy and really liked their fight and determination, but we've got to clean up."

Auburn is back in action against Georgia next Friday at Stegman Coliseum in Athens, GA.

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