Auburn Women’s Basketball gets to a winning record to end November

<p>Mar'Shaun Bostic drives for a layup, Auburn WBB vs. Georgia Southern on 11/11/2021</p>
<p>Photo by Elaina Eichorn/Auburn Athletics.</p>

Mar'Shaun Bostic drives for a layup, Auburn WBB vs. Georgia Southern on 11/11/2021

Photo by Elaina Eichorn/Auburn Athletics.

The Auburn Tigers (4-3) played its last game of November, hosting the University of North Florida Ospreys (5-3) in a thrilling matchup in which both teams went shot for shot.

At the start of the first quarter both teams very clearly had a philosophy of up tempo offense with UNF’s Tiffany Tolbert getting the first points of the game with a layup. However, Auburn was able to quickly answer with Kiyae’ White getting the first points with a layup of her own to tie at 2-2, through out the first quarter both teams seemed to say anything you can do, we can do, with both teams answering back to each other whenever one scored leading to a score of 18-20 Auburn after the first. 

UNF’s, Jazz Bond, who went on to be UNF’s points leader, and rebound leader with 15 points and eight rebounds, opened the second quoter with a jumper to tie the game 20-20 but Anne Hughes was able to put the Tigers back on top with a jumper of her own. Throughout the second quarter Auburn did decide to slow the offense down a bit and attempt more threes in which they went three for three throughout the second quarter. Which did appear to help open the floor for Auburn as they went on an eight to two run to end the first half up 37-30. 

Auburn’s Aicha Coulibaly, who led the Tigers in scoring and rebounding with 23 points and eight rebounds, got the first points of the second half on a second chance layup on the first possession. UNF seemed to start slowing down their offense just a little which did produce two threes early in the second half, one by Tiffany Tolbert, and the other by Rhetta Moore. This strategy really helped the Ospreys as they brought it back within two with five minutes left in the third quarter and eventually ending with a 54-54 tie going into the fourth quarter.

UNF’s Emma Broermann was the first on the board in the fourth as she put the Ospreys up by two by sinking both free throws and both teams proceeded to match up with each other with a repeat of the first quarters anything you do I can do attitude. That attitude continued all the way through the fourth quarter until Auburn was able to go on a 7-0 run to put themselves up 67-63 with a minute and three seconds to go in the game, which forced UNF to start fouling. Sania Wells hit two free throws to put the Tigers up by six with a minute to go. With 20 seconds to go, Sania Wells hit two free throws to all but end the game and send the Tiger fans happy. Final Score: 72-65. 

Auburn shot 44% on 56 shots and was able to go to the charity stripe a whopping 22 times in which they made 18. The Tigers also won the rebounding stat line with 35 to North Florida’s 27. However, it was a non-block heavy game with North Florida taking the lead with three and Auburn following close behind with two.

When asked about the month of December, Coach Harris said she wanted the Auburn Family to circle “each and every single one”, and the first one she wants the Auburn Family to come is this Sunday December 5th against the Oklahoma State Cowgirls at 2 p.m. CST in Auburn Arena.

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