Auburn women’s basketball starts off the season 0-1

<p>Mar'Shaun Bostic drives for a layup, Auburn WBB vs. Georgia Southern on 11/11/2021</p>
<p>Photo by Elaina Eichorn/Auburn Athletics.</p>

Mar'Shaun Bostic drives for a layup, Auburn WBB vs. Georgia Southern on 11/11/2021

Photo by Elaina Eichorn/Auburn Athletics.

The Auburn Tigers (0-1) kicked off their season against the Georgia Southern Eagles (1-0) on Thursday, November 11 and lost in thrilling fashion 68-66.

The story of this game for the Auburn Tigers is a story of two halves. In the first half the Auburn Tigers simply could not find the bottom of the basket finishing with a field goal percentage of 27% on 44 shots and 1-5 from the free throw line. 

As for the second half Auburn did have some miscommunications especially in the beginning of the third quarter, but was able to fight and claw their way back into the game when Honesty Scott-Grayson hit a big and-one to tie it up at 57-57 with around three minutes to go. This led to a constant back and forth final minutes that  ended with Georgia State’s Ja’nya Love-Hill making two free throws to put the nail in the coffin for the Tigers losing 68-66.

For Auburn, the first points of the season went to Aicha Coulibaly with an and-one. However, the Tigers scoring leader for this game and the season so far is Sania Wells with 19 points on the season, she is also the assist leader with five on the game. The rebound leader was Aicha Coulibaly with eight on the game.

Meanwhile for Georgia State, Mya Burns led the way with 12 points, the assist leader was Ja’nya Love-Hill with four and the rebound leader for the game and season is Eden Johnson with 13. 

Overall, the Auburn women’s basketball team is still young and there is a lot of time left in the season, but they still need to correct some areas like finishing and free throws. Something that is not an issue is hustle, and is something that head coach Johnnie Harris can build around. 

Next game for the Tigers is a road game in Virginia, as the tigers will look to change their fortunes against the Old Dominion Monarchs on November 14th.

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