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Auburn Moves Ahead with New Football Facility

<p>A rendering of the new standalone football facility. (Image courtesy Auburn University)</p>

A rendering of the new standalone football facility. (Image courtesy Auburn University)

College football is a competitive landscape - whether it be on the field, recruiting trail, or in building the most spectacular facilities for their players to make use of.  While Auburn's last season did not measure up to the competition around them, there is no doubt the planned new football only facility can compete with any facility in the country.  University officials recently released some of the plans surrounding the new $91 million project.  The building is being erected on the corner of Samford and Biggio, where the old track used to be.  The planned facility will span 12.5 acres or 233,400 square feet.

The facility features some expected amenities along with some not as typical amenities.  There will be a locker room, two outdoor practice fields, an indoor practice field, weight room, office space, and a player's lounge.  All these were expected parts of the football facility with an obvious use.  However, there were also some not so expected areas, such as a barbershop, a flight simulator, and two recording studios.  Undoubtedly, this sort of environment is a plus when it comes to recruiting and certainly there are plenty of other plush football facilities at college powers such as Alabama and Clemson.  One of the donors to the project is former coach Gus Malzahn, who pledged $2 million to the project in 2018.

Bids for the contract closed this past on February 9th.  The lowest responsible bidder will be chosen, at which point work will move forward on the project.  Currently, the expected completion date is the summer of 2022.

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