A majority of sports fans are superstitious so previewing an Auburn vs Michigan State Championship game is not what we’re going for. If you want to read why Auburn has the best chances of moving on tomorrow, please click the back arrow and sample another flavor.

It’s no surprise the Spartans (32-6) still remain in a field of 68 teams edging past Duke 68-67 just a week ago. In their way is a talented Texas Tech team with superstar Jarrett Culver leading their charge, but that’s another story. After winning the Big Ten tournament, there has been no stopping this juggernaut even throughout the Madness ‘cough Auburn cough’.

Those Spartans have won their past 9 games which could very likely turn to 11 if the Big Ten Player of the year and AP All-American Cassius Winston along with a few others can stick to their hot hand beyond the arc. Coach Tom Izzo is no stranger to Championship appearances with his last on coming 10 years ago before falling to the Tar Heels in Detroit. 

Will history repeat itself? 

Will the Spartans reclaim their title since the turn of the century? 

Chances are looking good for Izzo and his Spartans given their impressive resume in the tournament thus far defeating No. 10 Minnesota, No. 3 LSU, and top seed Duke.  

Only time will tell as Michigan State faces off against Texas Tech Saturday, April 6th at 7:49 PM CST with the game broadcasted on CBS.