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Hangout Music Festival 2023: 5 Acts You Can't Miss on the Malibu Beach House Stage

Hangout Music Festival takes place May 19th through May 21st, 2023 in Gulf Shores, AL

With well over 60 artists preparing to grace the sands of Gulf Shores across six stages, it can be overwhelming to decide decide on what artists to see. But don't you fear, WEGL is here to help you narrow down your options with five of our favorite acts on each stage!

Check out our five favorite artists for The Malibu Beach House Stage.

Harleigh Colt 1:30pm on Friday 5/19

Honestly, we don't have a lot to work off of when it come to Harleigh Colt. Better known as Charlie Holt, the bass/banjo player for alternative-folk band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, this set will mark their second ever set under the moniker. If you're a fan of RKS, this is worth the trip down to Malibu Beach House just to check it out.

For Fans Of: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Song To Check Out: N/A

Deeper Purpose 3:30pm on Saturday 5/20

Deeper Purpose is one of the liveliest DJs on the beach this year, bringing synthy and spacey tunes to a whole new level. Cathartic swells and deep drops add a lot of dynamics to an already energetic set.

For Fans Of: Kyle Walker, DONT BLINK, Miane

Song To Check Out: Elevate

A Hundred Drums 3:15pm on Friday 5/19

A Hundred Drums feel, much like the name would imply, larger than life. Huge, bombastic sounds, intricate percussion, and sick drops are going to make this one wild set.

For Fans Of: ROSSY, Staysick, Austeria

Song To Check Out: If I Have To (ft. Saule)

Nostalgix 5:30pm on Saturday 5/20

With just around two dozen singles out, Nostalgix brings and industrial-meets-pop sound to their set that is eager to stand out. While distinctly electronic, their music feels almost related to hyper-pop in production choices. 

For Fans Of: Capozzi, MASTERIA, ALRT

Song To Check Out: Supah Fly (ft. Michael Sparks)

it's murph 1:30pm on Sunday 5/21

This L.A. by-way-of Nashville DJ, freshly graduated from USC, is ready to bring their all to the beach. Exciting, energetic, and fun, there is a certain simplicity to it's murph's sets that bring back an old love of electronic music.

For Fans Of: REMY QUINN, Mac Miller, Twin Diplomacy

Song To Check Out: Food for the Soul

Check out our selections from the other five stages below:

Hangout Stage

SHIEN Surf Stage

Boom Stage

Mermaid Stage

Monster Beach Club Stage

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