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DJ SPOTLIGHT: Davis Carroll

This week's DJ Spotlight features Junior Davis Carroll!

This week’s featured DJ is Davis Carroll, a junior studying law and justice at Auburn. Davis joined WEGL during his freshman year and has been a DJ for three years since. He currently runs two radio shows: Are You With That?, a hip hop and R&B music show, and Thru the Lens, a movie podcast alongside fellow DJ Alex Husting. Both shows currently run every Monday –Thru the Lens airing from 11 AM-1 PM and Are You With That? airing from 4-5 PM. 

Without further ado, meet Davis! 

Thru the Lens: Every Monday from 11 AM-1 PM. This show is a discussion of “whatever movies we [Davis and Alex] are interested in. It’s like a look into our love for movies.” 

Are You With That?: Every Monday from 4-5 PM. The show’s name is inspired by rapper Vince Staples’ song “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” Davis says this show is like “[his] love letter to hip hop and R&B.”

Which show has been your favorite to do so far in WEGL?

“I really love doing my show Thru the Lens because I can just talk with Alex [WEGL DJ] about movies, because I really love movies, but I’d have to choose Are You With That? as my favorite show I’ve done. I love music so much and I like recommending music a lot to people…so it’s like a way for me to express my love for music and put music out there that’s not usually on the radio.” 

What’s your favorite way to listen to music? 

“I’d have to go with on vinyl because I collect a lot of records…however I like listening to music with my AirPods in while walking from class, especially if it’s raining. It makes me really focus on what I’m listening to.” 

What’s your all-time favorite artist(s) or album(s)? 

Favorite Artist(s): “One of my favorite artists is Marvin Gaye. His album, What’s Going On, I think is one of the best albums of all-time. I also really like Daniel Caesar if we are talking about R&B. For rap right now I really love Smino and Saba, but all time I think its got to be Kendrick Lamar. He is the best rapper alive in my opinion."

Favorite Album(s): “A few of my favorite albums of all-time are Freudian by Daniel Caesar. When it came out, I probably listened to it about seven times a day and the lyrics are pretty much engraved in my mind. I also really like the album Malibu by Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar’s magnum opus of rap albums, To Pimp a Butterfly.” 

If there was an artist/band you could see live in concert, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Alive: “Probably Smino. His energy is so immaculate – his flow and lyricism, and his music in general just makes me want to dance.” 

Dead: “I’d probably want to see Marvin Gaye in concert, if he were still alive.”

How did you first get into music and who/what is your greatest influence when it comes to music? 

“It was in high school for sure – freshman year my friend Connor and I bonded over the fact that we both liked rap music. At the time, I really liked finding artist that weren’t big and really like to ‘hunt’ for artists to listen to.”

What do you envision yourself doing in the future? 

“I never really thought in-depth about working in radio after college, but recently I’ve been more open to it. But at this point, I’m continuing on working towards a law degree. I could probably be a lawyer that raps in court.” 

What makes you stand out or makes you unique within WEGL? What makes you, you? 

“I’m really bad at these types of questions because I don’t really think about what makes me, me. But with my show on WEGL, I’m pretty much an open book. I just talk and don’t really plan it and just say whatever.” Overall, what makes Davis unique is his honest nature and open personality, which reflects in his work and shows. 

“I have a way with words, but not a good way with words.”

- Davis Carroll

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