Concert Review: Briston Maroney at Saturn

September 9th, 2021, Birmingham, AL

Briston Maroney brought the first leg of his Sunflower World Tour into Birmingham last week to a sold out crowd.

In order to protect fans, masks were required at all times in the venue.


Briston Maroney 09/10/2021 at Saturn | Dylan Basden Photography

Savannah Conley, a long time friend, opened up the show. Savannah's more casual and melancholic set was a great contrast with the rocking set that was to follow.

Fans were treated to many of Briston's classics such as 'Freakin' out on the Interstate' and 'Small Talk', as well as many new staples like 'Bottle Rocket' and 'Its Still Cool if You Don't'. Despite many of these songs be several years old at this point, they all had the through line of Briston's earnest and unique writing style (which is also present in his performance style). 


Briston Maroney 09/10/2021 at Saturn | Dylan Basden Photography

This show was definitely a special one for WEGL. Saturn is owned by WEGL alum, and WEGL has been a supporter of Briston's since day one— 2015. Me personally, this is the second of three times I'll see Briston this year. Both times so far have been absolutely stellar.

While simple, the sunflower lights used as set decor was a great touch by Briston. Not only does it relate back to his album and aptly named tour, but it also gives you an idea of what to expect: bright, sunny tunes. The lighting and sound of the show were also on point, with the lighting in particular adding to the energy of the show and pairing perfectly with Briston's songs.


Briston Maroney 09/10/2021 at Saturn | Dylan Basden Photography

Briston and company had a rowdy, high-energy set, however, one highlight for the crowd was when the band stepped away. Briston, alone on stage, sang the fan favorite 'June'. The connection between performer and audience was astounding, with the entire crowd singing back every word. 

Overall, I cannot recommend Briston Maroney enough. His songwriting, his performance, and his genuine connection with his fans is more than you could ask for. He'll be back around soon, with  stops in Atlanta on November 19th supporting Manchester Orchestra and another on March 18th to headline.

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