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Show Spotlight: Wigwam Weekend

Tune into Wigwam Weekend every Sunday @ 7 PM!

Show Name and Theme:

My show is called Wigwam Weekend and I think variety show probably best describes it because I usually try to get 3 different styles of music in each one. 

Why did you choose this theme and name?

I choose the theme because I listen to a lot of different stuff and I always try to make sure that what I'm listening to is new and fresh. The show name came in part from the song Wigwam by Bob Dylan (my favorite from him) and the other part being that I think it's fun to say.

How long have you been doing your show?

This will be my fourth year doing my show and its been at the same time every week, Sundays at 7 pm

Today's Schedule

12-5am Indie
5-7am Country
7-9am The Xtra Point
9am-12pm Classic
12-1pm New Music Hour
1-2pm Classic
2-3pm Contry Boots and Roots
3-4pm The Garden
4-5pm The Scoreboard
5-6pm Pop
6-7pm The Locker Room
7-9pm From The Bench