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Concert Review: Saint Motel, The Motion Picture Tour

 Indie pop stars Saint Motel roared into Atlanta Thursday night, bringing with them a high energy and extremely enjoyable show (along with the explosive KOLARS as an opener).

Going into this show I was expecting a good show, however, Saint Motel certainly exceeded my expectations in all the best ways. Playing hits such as “Move” and “My Type” alongside new songs “Van Horn” and oldies such as “Butch”, they had something for every fan.


Frontman A. J. Jackson captivated the audience with his control of the stage, portraying many characters ranging from a hiker in the snow, a dictator, and an astronaut. A. J. could be seen hoped up to the barricade and even running the entirety of the venue (including the balcony), making sure everyone got a good view of the show.


The rest of the band brought everything they had as well, the instrumentation sounded spot on throughout the show (kudos to the band’s sound crew and the venue for this too). The band brought on two touring musicians, one on saxophone and another on trumpet, to fill out their sound. However, these two certainly were not just background musicians they rocked out across the stage.


What made The Motion Picture Tour so special on top of the great bands was the visuals. Two of the members, A. J. and Aaron Sharp (guitar), met at film school. They bring their expertise on the roads with them, adding awesome videos, story driven interludes, and costumes into their set. This certainly sets the show apart from others.


It can’t go without saying, Saint Motel had one of the best openers I’ve seen in a hot minute. KOLARS, an alternative rock duo, delivered catchy and danceable tunes to hype up the crowd. Probably the coolest part of their set was Lauren Brown, the drummer, whose unique playing style (i.e. standing on a drum alongside her regular set) was just an absolute blast to watch. Plus, they were all so sparkly!


In conclusion, yes, you should definitely go see Saint Motel live. You should also go see KOLARS live too. Overall, I’m giving this show 5 stars out of 5. Do not miss out.

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