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November 20th New Music Hour

 Curated by WEGL's own Mary Francis Garner and Katie Gorman, the new music hour is your way to catch up on whats been happening these past few weeks. Listen to the playlist and be sure to read the artist bios to learn more about who is featured this week. 


Maez301: Born in Maryland but situated in Los Angeles, 25-year-old Maez301 has not always had been a musician on his radar. Growing up all the until his early twenties he thought his career was going to be in being a professional basketball player. He’s always loved playing but in the back of his head, he was constantly thinking about music and art. Tech N9ne, a popular artist in the hip hop community caught wind of one of Maez301’s project and he was immediately blown away. His song “Ay” featuring Tech N9ne was featured on WEGL’s New Music Hour. From his bedroom self-made recordings to being flown out by Tech N9ne to his recording studio, Maez301's fast-paced and success-bound career has not stuttered. Be sure to keep Maez301 on your horizon for soon and well-earned mass fame.

Son Little: Aaron Earl Livington to his friends and family but Son Little to his fans is a musician from Philadelphia. Growing up as a song of a preacher, Son Little has always been attracted to rhythm and blues. Releasing his first album in 2011 he has been a music-making machine. He’ featured with artists from The Roots to Portugal. The Man. However in an interview with Sound of Boston, Son Little credited Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar, and Little Dragon as inspirations and influences for his debut album.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong: With Greg Ormont on vocals and guitar, Jeremy Schon on guitar and vocals, Ben Carrey on bass and vocals, and Alex Petropulos on drumagic and electro-swag Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is known for its seemingly effortless blend of groovy funk, psychedelic influences, and experimental electronics.  They’re known for wanting to keep their music “fun” and “energy-packed” and their sound is nothing less than these. Their single played on New Music Hour, “King Kong” perfectly embodies their signature sound. With horns and distinct drums, this song is groovy and funky.

DIIV: DIIV is an American rock band from Brooklyn, forming in 2011. The band members are Zachary Cole Smith on vocals and guitar, Andrew Bailey on guitar, Colin Caulfield on bass, keyboards, guitar, and vocals, and Ben Newman on drums. Characterized by their combination of indie rock, dream pop, and post-punk their sound is unique and like no other. Their most recent album, Deceiver, was released October 4th and their song Like Before You Were Born played on NMH is a must-listen.

Today's Schedule

12-5am Indie
5-8am Country
8-10am Classic
10-11am Classic
11am-2pm Classic
2-3pm Pop
3-4pm Are We Doing This Right
4-6pm Pop
6-7pm Generation Gap
7-8pm Pop
8-9pm Angel Wing Hotline