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Auburn's Lesser-Known Prospects Show Out At Pro Day

Jarrett Stidham
Auburn football during pro day on Friday, March 8, 2019, in Auburn, Ala.
Jarrett Stidham Auburn football during pro day on Friday, March 8, 2019, in Auburn, Ala.

During Pro Days most of the national focus is on freak athletes who impressed at the Combine or players who underperformed in Indianapolis, but the most interesting stories here are the guys performing in front of scouts and GMs for the first time and trying to make any kind of impression on them. Auburn had several such prospects at their Pro Day who were trying to convince scouts and GMs to take a chance on them during the draft or in undrafted free agency.  

Chandler Cox FB 

After being a four-year starter for the Auburn Tigers this was Chandler’s last workout on the Plains, and he did his best to go out on a good note. He put up 18 reps on the bench, jumped 32 inches vertically (the highest by any player today) and ran a 4.70u 40 yard dash. While not many NFL teams use a true fullback anymore Chandler is still intriguing scouts with his versatility all around the field. He himself stated that his role in the NFL is as "The guy that can do different things. … I want to be able to do more things for them. Split out, catch some balls, play some running back, pick up pass protections.” This might not get Cox drafted during the first two days of the draft, but a team might fall in love with his ability to do it all and take a chance on him late in the draft or as an undrafted free agent.

Darrell Williams LB

Darrell Williams came into today’s Pro Day with something to prove, he wanted to show scouts that he was able to “perform just as good as those guys at the combine.” Even though his workouts didn’t necessarily turn out that impressive, only posting a 29 ½ inch vertical and 4.91u 40, his performance in the drills were on par with Combine level linebackers. When asked why should people draft him Darrell answered that “ I can play inside, I can play outside. You can move me around on the defense, special teams—on every special teams, you can move me around to any spot.” Versatility and value as a special teamer is a good way to get NFL teams to look your way late in the draft since they’re looking for the most value out of their pick. So while he may have been snubbed from the NFL Combine don’t be too surprised if he isn’t snubbed in the draft.

Andrew Williams DT

Andrew Williams’ Auburn career can be summed up in the same way he described his Pro Day, “Just solid. Solid all around.” Andrew recorded 71 total tackles in his career at Auburn, pretty solid for someone who was only a rotation player in Auburn’s star studded defensive line. Williams prided himself on his hard work and willingness to try anything to make it into the league, stating that “Anything you want me to do, play, learn—I’ll put 100 percent effort into doing it.” Several scouts put this to the test, asking him to perform a few offensive lineman drills in addition to the defensive lineman drills. If Williams were to make the switch to offensive lineman in the NFL he could sell teams on his ability to play on both sides of the ball.

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