For the first time in the history of WEGL, you won't hear the game live on the radio.

That's because for the first time ever, WEGL will broadcast a game live via Twitter. Continuing the partnership to broadcast Beauregard High School men's basketball this season, WEGL will be traveling to Reeltown to broadcast the Hornets squaring off against the Rebels.

WEGL will also broadcast the game @ Smiths Station Friday live on Twitter as well. A list of games and how they will be aired will be available soon. The way that WEGL broadcasts the games are subject to change.

All broadcasts will start at approximately 7-7:30pm depending on games prior to it. Stay posted by following WEGL_AU on Twitter for start times.

The game will be live on Twitter and will be available after the fact on iTunes and on SoundCloud by searching WEGL 91.1 FM.