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WEGL's Weekly Picks April 5-12

Wednesday - Rat Saw God - April 7, 2023

There is something potently American about alternative-rock group Wednesday, who have just released their 5th studio album. Frontwoman Karly Hartzman's dream like narrations and rusty imagery of the rural southeast portrayed with a Super 8 kind of graininess fits perfectly over instrumentals that can only be described as "fuzz-country." Wednesday and their lead guitarist MJ Lenderman's solo work, along with contemporaries like Big Thief, are helping bring virtue back to American country music, as well as make it accessible and enjoyable to an entirely new demographic of listeners. Rat Saw God sees this band stepping up on all fronts, from songwriting to musicianship, and it is certainly their most critically acclaimed release yet. Even with only 10 songs and under a 40 minute runtime, there is a track in here for every kind of listener. The band shines in the somber moments where Hartzman's lyrics take the wheel, but they are at their absolute best in the distorted climaxes that vary in length but always feel emotionally capped. Undeniably one of the best alt-rock releases so far this year, Wednesday is truly making a name for themselves. 

Favorite Tracks: "Hot Rotten Grass Smell" ; "Bull Believer" ; "Bath County"

Emma Tricca - Aspirin Sun - April 7, 2023

Italian born singer-songwriter Emma Tricca has had quite the journey up to this point. Releasing various albums and projects for the past 15 years, Tricca has evolved past her folk roots into something much more lush, complex, and cerebral. Whereas her previous records display her skill as a fingerstyle guitarist and her ability to craft full and beautiful songs with a Nick Drake level of delicacy, Aspirin Sun is much more about Tricca's desire to take advantage of the space between notes. Pairing hypnotic reverb with Tricca's ghostly and one of a kind voice yields a certain level of suspense that buildings slowly over each track, most of which have over a five-minute run time. Yet another talented, experienced artist honing in and crafting their best work to date. 

Favorite Tracks: "Christodora House" ; "Leaves" ; "King Blixa"

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