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WEGL's Weekly Picks: Feb 1-8

The WAEVE – The WAEVE – February 3, 2022

In their debut album as a duo, well known English musicians Graham Coxon, guitarist for Blur, and Rose Elinor Dougal, formerly of The Pipettes, have delivered something quite special. Being no strangers to pop-rock structures and songwriting, the pair have impressed many listeners worldwide by integrating their talents and familiarities into something with a much darker ambience. With plenty of edge present to balance the lush and beautiful compositions, there is a song for every setting on this LP. Instrumentation varies almost as widely as the genres. You can find everything from strings to horns, drum machines to snares, jagged melodies to hypnotic repetition, and even field recordings for a little added life. Nothing grabs my attention, though, more than the brief injections of free jazz, like at the beginning of “Kill Me Again.” The first ten seconds sound like something composed by Ornette Coleman himself, and then we are seamlessly transitioned into a nice, downbeat, post-punk groove. This one will remain on repeat for a while.

Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy – February 3, 2023

Iconic Scottish rock, pop, and soul trio Young Fathers have arrived with their 4th studio album, and this one sees the band embracing their heritage and history more than ever before. Littered with enthusiastic grooves, charming verses, and embracive backing vocals, there is something very textural and real about this record. Given that their doesn’t seem to be an over arching theme between the songs, there are lingering emotions and sentiments that become ever more potent as you move along the track list. From the ambient hums on “I Saw,” to the lush percussion on tracks like “Drum,” there seems to be a special focus on afrobeat influences and even gospel, given that Alloysious Massaquoi was born in Liberia, and Kayus Bankole was born to Nigerian parents. This record is as bold as it is accessible, and there is something to gain from every little moment, particularly the massive symphonic bits on songs like “Tell Somebody.” A beautiful, soulful, heartfelt creation start to finish.

PinkPantheress ft. Ice Spice - "Boy's a Liar" - February 3, 2023

Up-and-coming pop artist PinkPantheress adds the recent hip hop sensation Ice Spice to the track "Boy's a Liar" in what has already become a viral hit. While the track is great already great, some of PinkPantheress's songs have been criticized as being half-baked, and the addition of Ice Spice's feature really brings the song together. as a certified pop hit. With a groovy beat that forces whoever is listening to move, catchy verses from PinkPantheress, and an outstanding feature from Ice Spice, "Boy's a Liar" has already made it into WEGL's airwaves.

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