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<p class="text-align-right">Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa</p>
Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

Concert Review: Tigers Jaw at Trim Tab Brewing Company

November 19th, 2022 | Birmingham, AL

"The emo punk scene in Alabama is not dead": A message delivered by Tigers Jaw's performance at Trim Tab, Birmingham. 

Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

In November 2022, Tigers Jaw set on a tour promoting their album release 'I Won't Care How You Remember Me' released on March 2021. This emotional comeback for Tigers Jaw represented much more than what it is -- a great lyrical collection --, for the fifth studio album was actually the first one released after their last line up change. For the first time all four members -- Ben Walsh, Brianna Collins, Teddy Roberts and Colin Gorman -- were included in the song writing/album building process that later became 'I Won't Care How You Remember Me', worked during COVID-19's summer. They brought a production to Birmingham's Trim Tab that, although simple, made everyone understand --through head banging and nostalgia-- the emo scene wasn't dead. 


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

First on the stage was Glitterer, an alternative indie-punk band that has already five albums on their stack. Screamed emotional vocals and memorable drum fills (that quite literally sent the sticks flying) made the band stand out. They are currently working on spreading their music and growing their fan base with an exceptional yet humble attitude that could be sensed through the frontman's smile. Glitterer will forever be breathing inside a capsule of distortion and overdrive, bringing the kind of emo punk that is somehow also heartwarming. 


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

After Glitterer rejected an encore because of the tight schedule, a second opener stepped under the fluorescent lights. Heart Attack Man, a band that seemed to have endless energy, made everyone on the barricade go absolutely insane. The atmosphere immediately changed, I almost convinced myself everyone had injected energy drinks on their veins. As Eric Egan fired words into the microphone, the audience formed a classic mosh pit, going back to their roots. Nowadays, the regular mosh pit consists of a mass of people pushing each other, but what the crowd did that night resembled something that you would most often see during the 90s, people running around in a circle, screaming the lyrics out. All in all, Tigers Jaw couldn't have asked for a better warm up.


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

The crowd was chanting for Tigers Jaw, restless to see Ben, Brianna, Colin and Teddy on stage. They started off fairly emotional, with Never Saw It Coming from their second album. This act was followed by several tracks from 'I Won't Care How You Remember Me' before presenting the crowd with a heart-to-heart acoustic Chemicals performance. After leaving the crowd teary eyed, they performed The Sun and Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine, giving the audience the green light to crowd surf, going on stage, shouting the song with every bit of soul they had to offer. towards the middle of their set, before playing a Fleetwood Mac cover, Brianna Collins spoke everyone's mind into words: "this reminds me of our old shows". All in all, I have never felt safer in a chaotic environment, sentiment crawling in my chest as I saw Birmingham's emo punk scene as alive as it has ever been. Tigers Jaw complete set list is as follows:

          1. Never Saw It Coming
          2. Cat's Cradle
          3. Hesitation
          4. Hum
          5. Old Clothes
          6. Dent
          7. The Sun
          8. Chemicals
          9. New Detroit
          10. Teen Rocket
          11. Lemon Mouth
          12. Plane vs Tank vs Submarine
          13. I Saw Water
          14. Nervous
          15. Commit
          16. The Chain
          17. Reckless 
          18. Warn Me
          19. Guardian


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

Tigers Jaw, along with Glitterer and Heart Attack Man, made the back of Trim Tab Brewing Company feel like home. The venue was modest, but that just highlighted the exceptional punk rock feel. I don't think I have ever been happier to dance in toe-freezing temperatures breathing smiles into the air. Amazing venue. 


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

After Tigers Jaw had wrapped up their setlist, the crowd begged for an encore, this is when Ben and Brianna whipped up an exceptional alternative version of Anniversary, from their touring album. This gave the audience one last chance to go crazy before saying goodbye, leaving with a chest full of adrenaline. 


Tigers Jaw 11/19/2022 at Trim Tab | Sam Chapa

Tigers Jaw will continue their tour, bringing screams and tears and smiles to their audiences. the dates are as follows: 

         11/20 Basement East.    Nashville, TN

         11/22 Otto Bar.                Baltimore, MD

         11/23 House Of Independents.    Asbury Park, NJ

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