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Five Albums You May Have Missed From 2021

Check out some incredible albums from 2021 that are too good to miss.


1) Black Country, New Road: For the first time

Being one of the most unique, and possibly forward-thinking albums I have ever heard, I figured there was no better way to kick off this list than with the London band’s debut record. Closely linked to black midi and Squid, two of today’s hottest experimental groups, BC, NR has thrusted themselves into that list with their marvelous jazz infused post-punk, led by the cryptic spoken word vocals from Isaac Wood, who sadly just announced his departure from the band due to personal reasons. Since the release of their very well received record, they have released 4 singles from their upcoming album, soon to be dropped this year. 



2) Geese: Projector

Another debut record from a rising, artsy, post-punk group, Geese delivered an infectiously fun record with introspective lyrics and technically impressive instrumentation titled Projector. In 2020, the band intended to break up, but upon receiving attention from major indie labels like Sub-Pop and Fat Possum, they ultimately decided to continue playing together and ended up signing with Partisan Records, joining related Oblique indie outfits such as IDLES and Cigarettes After Sex. 3 singles were debuted prior to the albums full release, “Low Era,” “Disco,” and “Projector,” which are all standout tracks on a nine-song record packed with emotion. Anyone looking for a new, fun sound should certainly give Projector a listen.



3) Porridge Radio: Every Bad 

On the topic of albums filled with raw emotions, Porridge Radio’s Every Bad does not fail to deliver. Led by the vocals and guitar of Dana Margolin, the British bands frontwoman, this relatively melancholic album is loaded with ethereal ballads that have a way of entrancing the listener. I first heard this record on a road trip, and it was easily the quickest hour and 13 minutes of my life. The band also graced us with the expanded edition of this album, which includes various remixes featuring a myriad of EDM producers and synth connoisseurs. If you find yourself looking for a unique musical distraction, this is the record for you. 


(Porridge Radio)

4) shame: Drunk Tank Pink

Another British band, shame hails from the same South London gig set as Black Country, New Road and black midi, and with their upbeat, passion filled rhythms complemented by front man Charlie Steen’s vocals and reverbed, layered guitar parts from Eddie Green and Sean Coyle-Smith, they are putting forth a modernized post-punk sound if there ever was one. A group that blew up in England over the past year, having their second record reach #8 on the UK’s album charts, they plan to tour in the U.S. this year, making stops in New Orleans, Atlanta, and Birmingham. I advise you all to check out their new record, and text me when you decide to go to the Birmingham show and maybe we can link up. 



5) Lowertown: The Gaping Mouth 

Coming from our neighbor state of Georgia, the Atlanta lo-fi sadcore duo are one of the most exciting groups in the states as of right now. Lowertown contains Avsha Weinberg’s instrumentation led by the stunningly beautiful and ominous vocals of Olivia Osby, and these two have delivered one of those albums that gives you an instant sense of nostalgia, even upon your first listen. This is one of the saddest albums I’ve ever heard, and being only 7 tracks long, it’s needless to that say I am looking forward to what they release in the near future, as well as attending one of their Atlanta shows this year. 



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