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Oh, What a World: Kacey Musgraves Concert Review

The music industry’s female powerhouse Kacey Musgraves ended the North American leg of her Oh, What a World Tour II in Nashville, TN on October, 25, 2019 for an unforgettable experience. 

While she is played on country radio, she has transcended musical genres by combining her Texas, folksy roots to a melodic and mystical style. Her voice is sublime, which pairs perfectly with her catchy songs and creative lyrical compositions. She has developed into an exciting performer, and her show in Nashville exceeded the already high expectations that the Nashville audience had. She broke the record for the most people to see a solo female artist in Bridgestone Arena by drawing a sold-out show of 18,373.

Singer-Songwriter Maggie Rogers opened for Musgraves during the Nashville show. Her fun-loving songs and electric dance moves kept the audience engaged before Musgraves came on. Musgraves opened with “Slow Burn,” the first song on her album Golden Hour. A slower song from the album, but I think the choice suited the audience well because the momentum only built from there.

Musgraves played all of the tracks from her latest album Golden Hour and a few songs from her earlier albums including her hit “Follow Your Arrow.” She also performed a duet with Rogers by icon Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”  The duet that stopped the show occurred later in the set when Harry Styles emerged during the second verse in “Space Cowboy.” The girlish screams igniting the arena were deafening when Styles casually walked on stage. After the duet, he gave a touching ode to Musgraves, and their respect for each other was evident because of their time spent on the road during Styles’ tour last year when she opened for him. She closed with the smash hit “High Horse” for a high-energy ending, and with that, Musgraves bid farewell to Music City.

The concert was a wonderful experience, even if you were sitting in the nosebleeds, because of the captivating performances and colorful graphics on the screens that changed with each song. During her song “Rainbow,” each person received a certain colored piece of paper to put over the flashlight on your phone, which made the arena lit up to become an actual rainbow. The audience engagement made the arena feel smaller in a strange way, and it was truly beautiful. From start to finish Musgraves sang with such power even though her throat had been bothering her, so we all sent her throat “positive energy” to help. She was so gracious of her audience and kept thanking us for being there. Overall, the concert was a night I’ll never forget, and I would go to another in a heartbeat. 

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