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Lilly Hiatt At Standard Deluxe Concert Review

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Lilly Hiatt and her crack band played at Standard Deluxe in October. For those who haven’t been to Standard Deluxe, it’s a printer and music venue in Waverly, Ala. about 20 minutes from Auburn. With its funky vibe and primitive folk art furnishings, Standard Deluxe is a haven of nonchalant cool in the tiny southern town. 

Hiatt played not on the outdoor main stage that is the site of the annual 280 Boogie, but a Tiny House Show, which take place in small converted schoolhouse on property. The intimate setting holds about 30 people and was sold out for Hiatt, who played from a small stage at one end. The audience sat in wooden pews bathed in the glow of string lights that lined the venue. 

Lilly Hiatt 1

Hiatt, who is touring on her new album, Trinity Lane, played a warm and gracious set. She opened with “All Kinds of People,” her slightly pinched twang meshing with the rollicking beat. She played many of the albums strongest cuts, including “The Night David Bowie Died,” “Trinity Lane” and “Everything I Had.” The band was relaxed and her banter was engaging and funny as she chatted with the audience between almost every song. 

When she did play older material from her debut, Royal Blue, it hit home. “Jesus Would’ve Let Me Pick the Restaurant” was more muscular live, and “Somebody’s Daughter,” about her being the daughter of famous songwriter John Hiatt, had added depth. She closed the night with a gorgeous new acoustic number. 

One of the great things about going to a local show like this is the ability to meet the musicians. Talking to Hiatt after the show, I told her how much I loved the set and to please keep doing what she’s doing. “I don’t know how to do anything else,” she said. We are all thankful for that. 

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