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5 Acts You Can’t Miss at Inferno Stage


5 Acts You Can’t Miss at Inferno Stage

1. Lane 8

Daniel Goldstein, otherwise known as Lane 8, is a must-see headliner at Imagine Festival’s Disco Inferno stage this year. An American musician living in Colorado focuses his talent on deep house music and has amassed a loyal following since 2012. His latest album Little by Little (c. 2018) follows his loved 2015 album Rise. Most recently, he has been building his own label, The Never Happened.

2. Space Jesus

Also known as Jasha Tull, Space Jesus was born in New Jersey and has been making beats since a very young age. Jasha focuses on “alien basslines, gangster beats, and future feels” and describes his music as “the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.” You know, like one does. His newest album is Close Encounters (c. 2015).

3. Rusko

A British dubstep producer and DJ, Christopher William Mercer has been active in the EDM scene since 2006. While working on his track “Cockney Thug”, he drove his roommate and producer Reso “a bit mental”, which were hoping will happen to us at Inferno Stage this September. But you know, in a good way. His most recent album Songs was released in 2012.

4. Justin Martin

Justin Martin is an American DJ and record producer hailing from San Francisco. Co-founder of Dirtybird Records, his well-loved album Hello Clouds was released in 2016 and hit #15 on the US Dance chart.

5. HE$H

Based in Dallas, HE$H is a DJ and producer focusing on dubstep, riddim, and heavy bass variety since he was 12. His influences are Bommer and Three Six Mafia. He will be playing Inferno stage at age 19 this year! His most recent album Loced Out was released in 2018 with hit song “Hit a Lick.”

Writen by: Brynn Askew

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