Døves - Glass EP

<p>Photo Courtesy of Døves</p>

Photo Courtesy of Døves


GothBoiClique’s most underappreciated rapper, Døves, shows why he deserves more spotlight in his newest EP, Glass. Just the vocals alone show how Døves stands apart from the other members, giving his own modern take on the mid to late 2000’s emo sound that is only amplified by the flawless dark and ambient production from GBC’s inhouse producer Fish Narc. 

The best example of the albums sound is the closer, Armor. It is worth noting that Fish Narc plays the guitar in every song he produces, and his ability is on full display in this track with the cords lingering and hanging around while Døves raps about a lost love, only for the guitar to kick in with the chorus making the singers words even more powerful. Then add in the feint screams in place of adlibs bringing everything home. 

The high-quality production carries over to the rest of the album, especially the features. While Cold Hart is just as amazing as always, Lil Lotus definitely shines on the track Glass, going back and forth with Døves, making the track truly next level and showcasing both of their abilities.

All in all, the production and vocals from both Fish Narc and Døves work to create one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in while. Be sure to check it out on all streaming platforms.

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